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Hs Users : Authentications with Social Services

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Hs Users offers you a ability to sign-in with social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and other major services. The process of authentication on the extension follows Joomla!'s register/login process, which means that you can use the social sign-in function with other Joomla's extensions.


Main Functions

  • This extension follows a process of a default Joomla! users component.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Multiple Connection (see below)
  • 10 social services are available
  • Works on Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0
  • A admin page is integrated with Joomla!'s user admin. 
  • Available to see user data which is obtained from social services
  • Available to add a user image from social services or original image
  • Hide a default login/registration form and display only social services.
  • Easy to add social list to everywhere( You need to write a PHP code but it's a few lines ).
  • For developers, offers Hs User object and easy to access user properties including user image.


Available Social Services

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • FourSquare
  • Yahoo
  • Windows Live
  • My Space
  • Aol
  • OpenID

* Most of social services require to register as a developer to use each API calls. Please see documentation for settings of social services.


Multiple Connection

A user who already have Joomla! account can add other social service account.   



  • Size of user image is limited to width 50px and height 50px
  • Depending on social services, some data cannot be accessible. e.g. Twitter doesn't return e-mail address.
  • Bad English! I'm not a good English speaker:( I'm glad to know a correction of my bad English!


Base Engine

Hs Users uses HybridAuth.


Included Files

  • pkg_hs_users : A package file. You can install Joomla! extensions listed followings at once.
    • com_hs_users : Offers main authentication process.
    • mod_hs_users : Offers social list to default login module
    • plg_user_hs_profile : Offers connection to Joomla!'s user component
    • lib_hs : Offers classes related to user object

All files are packed to one package. You can install these files at once!



Change Log


  • Fixed a username issue. 


  • Upgrade library of HybridAuth. 


  • updated a redirect url field on admin area


  • Fixed bug of redirect url after logout


  • Fixed bug when language filter is enabled.
  • Added a field to set a redirect url after login.


  • Fixed critical bug on PHP 5.2.x


  • Fixed bug of cache problem( Thanks Riccardo! )


  • Fixed bug when super user uses social login
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Fixed some bugs on joomla! 2.5


  • Fixed bug of yahoo authentication


  • Fixed bug which is occured when user try to sign in with google account


  • Added some params to module


  • Available Multiple Connection
  • Added missing option field


  • Fixed minor bug


  • Added some missed file.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed minor bug.

2012-12-24 :

  • Added views of login and registration 
  • Added force login option : The option makes user logged-in the site at first authentication



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Hayato Sugimoto

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